How Does the Keto Pills Work

To answer this question “how does Keto pills work”, first of all, let know about basics of Keto. Keto or Ketogenic diet was a groundbreaking boost up particularly when it is found very supportive and useful in losing weight. The benefits of a Ketogenic diet aren’t hidden from anyone.  A Ketogenic diet means a lower intake of carbohydrates, moderate protein and high intake of fats.

Normally our body uses glucose as energy fuel that produces inside our body due to the intake of food enriched in high carbohydrates. But in the Ketogenic diet, the production of glucose inside the body becomes insufficient. The reason is the lower intake of carbohydrates. Glucose produces a result of the burning of carbohydrates. But when we follow a Keto diet, we take high-fats and low-carbohydrates. Resultantly glucose runs out from body and body search for an alternative source.

Health Benefits of Keto Diet
How Does Keto Pills Work

The alternative source is fats available in the liver. The Ketogenic diet is high-in-fats and low-in-carbs. When we apply the Ketogenic diet, our body has put on a metabolic state called Ketosis. The body starts burning of fats into smaller molecules called fatty acids and fatty acids are further turn down into particles called ketones. These ketones are then used as an alternative source of fuel in the body, instead of glucose.

Health Benefits of Keto Diet

Keto diet first time was used in 1928 for treatment of epilepsy in children. But after a few years, the use of foods high-in-fats and low-in-carbohydrates (Keto) become much popular. The reason was unexpected and secret health advantages of Ketogenic diet exposed, observed and recorded by nutritionists and health experts. Some major benefits are as following; –

  • Reduces appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Lower the triglycerides
  • Increase good HDL cholesterol
  • Lower bad LDL cholesterol
  • Decrease blood sugar
  • Lower the blood pressure
  • Remove symptoms of Metabolic syndromes
  • Helpful in the treatment of several brain disorders
  • Diminishes the depression and anxiety
  • Useful in the treatment of type-2 diabetes
  • Used in cancer therapy
  • Reduces the risk of certain cancers
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Boost up heart health
  • Improves Polycystic Ovary Syndrome symptoms
  • Improves energy level and gives a restful sleep
  • Keep uric acid level in check

Now you can imagine why the Keto diet suddenly becomes the most popular and trendy diet plan in the world within a few years.

Facts and Figures about Keto Diet

Although some other diets are also notable to mention like South Beach Diet, Atkin diet, Dukan and Paleo diets, etc. But the level of popularity that got a Keto diet couldn’t get by other diets. The reason was numerous health benefits as mentioned above. The following are some facts and figures about the popularity of the Keto diet.

  1. In 2018 only, almost one million people shared their #ketotransformation on Instagram.
  2. The Marketwatch revealed global facts and figures of the Keto industry and said “The global Keto Diet market is valued at xx million US$ in 2019 and will reach xx million US$ by the end of 2023, growing at a CAGR of 4.27 during 2019-2023.”
  3. The Keto diet supplement (Keto diet products like Keto pills, capsule) is dominating the market with 44.80% highest share.
  4. Keto was the most Googled diet in 2018-2020.

You can download a report on the worldwide use of the Ketogenic diet. Taking advantage of this popularity and constantly increase in the Keto industry, the pharmaceutical brought Keto supplements and pills into the market. This is a big-money game because almost 99% of companies, trading in Keto related products, are just claiming the benefits to generate income. When we read the reviews of customers about the use of Keto pills (not Keto diet), they look some worry due to not getting fruitful results, as they were expecting.

What are Ketone Supplements?

When you follow a standard high-carb diet, these carbs turn into glucose into your body which is used as a fuel source. The main foods that are the source of intake of high carbohydrates are starchy and sugary foods like pasta, bread and some particular vegetables.

When you restrict your body from using a high-carb diet, the glucose runs out from the body. Now body looks for an alternative source. Then the body uses fat as a fuel or energy source that produces ketones in the body. Usually we divide these ketones into two major categories i.e. Endogenous and Exogenous.

Endogenous Ketones Supplements

Exogenous Ketones Supplements
Exogenous Ketones Supplements

These ketones that produce inside of our body due to the burning of fats are called Endogenously Ketone supplements. The word endogenous is a Greek word derived from “Rendon”. Rendon means “inside or within”. The following three are endogenous Ketones that produce inside of our bodies.

  1. Acetoacetate: molecular formula is C4H5O3
  2. Beta-Hydroxybutyrate: molecular formula is C4H8O3
  3. Acetone: molecular formula is C3H6O

Exogenous Ketones Supplements

Exogenous Ketones supplements are those ketones supplements which our body gets from outside source either directly or indirectly. The word exogenous is derived from the Greek word “Exo” which means “outside”.

The exogenous ketones don’t produce inside of our body but we intake them from an outside source. Sometimes we intake exogenous ketones directly into our body through exogenous ketones supplements. And sometimes we intake exogenous ketones to our body indirectly by following another Keto supplement that is precursor-like MCT oil, etc.

In this article, we are talking about Exogenous Ketones supplements. The exogenous ketones supplements are further classified into two kinds i.e. Ketone Salts, The Ketone Esters.

What is Ketone Ester

Ketone body Acetoacetate diester is one of two common Keto supplements and collectively called Ketone esters, which consists of Ketone body Acetoacetate & butanediol (BDO). Both are interlinked with each other by an ester bond. That’s why it is known as Ketone ester. Ketone esters aren’t used at commercial level. They are only used for research.

Ketone Salts

Ketone salts are generally found in powder form mixed with a liquid and later on consumed. These are composed of BHB (Ketone body “Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) and bound to a salt-like sodium, magnesium, calcium or potassium.

Ketone Salts
Ketone Salts

In some cases, Ketone salts are bound with amino acids mostly arginine and lysine. Most of the companies are selling this form of Ketone salt-based products. In the past few years, Ketone salts are heavily marketed and commercialized to the public. This is frequently available in all major regions as well as on big bosses of online shopping like Amazon, etc. The Ketone salts are available in various forms like pills, powder and drinks, etc.

What Benefits of Ketone Pills are claimed by Industries?

When I thought to author a research-based article on this subject “How Does Keto Pills work”, it was very tough for me. It was very necessary and important to experience the working of Ketone pills practically to reach at exact conclusion. So I started to click websites. Lastly I reached a diet doctor and get valuable assistance for this article.

First of all, we need to collect and organize the data that what are the claimed benefits of Ketone supplements. These benefits are claimed by marketers and industrialists to the public. I left no stone unturned to dig out the real benefits. After compilation, the following benefits were on my paper sheets that are generally claimed by marketers in favor of Keto pills.

  • Boost up energy level
  • More fats burning
  • Accelerate the weight loss
  • Appetite suppression
  • Maximized cognition
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Better mood
  • Restful sleep
  • Betterment in athletic performance

When I deeply observed these benefits, I felt that these all are those benefits that we get from the Keto diet. However it was essential to set up a practical experience to observe and get the fruitful results of Keto Pills that how they work and are they useful or not?

Experiment from Diet Doctor

Here I am very grateful to dietdoctor that it helped me a lot on this subject. I wasn’t able to provide experimental values to my readers, but all this become possible due to the assistance of dietdoctor.

The experiment was under and the supervision and guidance of Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt. One member Kim carried out a survey among Diet Doctors on the research “Do the Ketone Pills or Supplements work”. Almost 700 people took participate in this survey. The comprehensive report that will be revealed at the end of this article.

Brands used in Experiment

The 4 most famous brands of Ketone supplements were selected to test. All these 4 brands are easily available on all online platforms. Following is the detailed view of these Ketone supplements.

Perfect Keto (Chocolate sea salt flavor)
Perfect Keto Chocolate
Perfect Keto Chocolate


IngredientsAcacia Fiber, Cocoa Powder, Stevia leaf extract, MCT oil powder, monk fruit extract, natural flavor
Price per serving3.93$
Amount of BHB11.38 g
Multi-level MarketingNo
Pruvit Keto-OS Max (Maui punch flavor)
Pruvit Keto-OS Max (Maui punch flavor)
Pruvit Keto-OS Max (Maui punch flavor)
IngredientsMalic acid, stevia, Erythritol, citric acid, L-taurin, xantham gum, fermented L-leucine, natural flavor
Price per serving6.50$
Amount of BHBNot identified
Multi-level MarketingYes
 Real Ketones Kegenix Prime (orange blast flavor)
Real Ketones Kegenix Prime (orange blast flavor)
Real Ketones Kegenix Prime (orange blast flavor)


IngredientsSilica, MCT Powder, guar gum, citric acid, rebaudioside A and beta carotene, natural flavors
Price per serving2.00$
Amount of BHBUnidentified
Multi-level MarketingYes


Ketond Advanced Ketone Blend (grapes flavor)
Ketond Ketogenic Meal Replacement Powder
Ketond Ketogenic Meal Replacement Powder


IngredientsCitric Acid, malic acid, beetroot extract, stevia, natural and artificial flavors, riboflavin.
Price per serving2.67$
Amount of BHB11.7 g
Multi-level MarketingNo

The Results That Oriented

After the experiment, when we compiled data, analyzed it and reshaped it into a comprehensive report, we divided it into two tables. I tell you that after a result we concluded that Keto pills are not as effective and useful as Keto diet.

Table 01 Compares Exogenous Ketone Pills Collectively with Placebo


What we Test PlaceboKeto PillsResult
Mental Performance+1.1%+2.35%
Physical Performance+20.3%-5.4%X
Blood Ketones (mmol/L)-0.05+0.33
Mental ClarityNo Change-0.4%X

Data Reference: Diet Doctor

Table 02 Compares Exogenous Ketone Pills Individually with Placebo

Table 02 Compares Exogenous Ketone Pills - Diet Doctor Reference
Table 02 Compares Exogenous Ketone Pills – Diet Doctor Reference

Image Reference

The Final Verdict about Keto Pills

Before results, I, again, say special thanks to Diet Doctor to provide special assistance and knowledge on this subject.

After all the above-mentioned discussion and experiment, we found 99% of the Keto pills and other Keto supplements are not useful and effective for health benefits. Even the diet doctor team, in their verdict, not recommended the Keto pills and supplements to use for Keto diet benefits.

We advise you to intake of Ketogenic diet, instead of Keto pills or supplements. You’ll get more fruitful results when you apply the Keto diet. We recommend you not to invest in buying of Keto pills or other supplements, but invest in buying organic vegetables and grass-fed.

Dr. Brianna Stubbs from Doctor Diet, giving their valuable review on Ketone supplements say that: –

“It is important to define what it means to be “in ketosis”. If being “in ketosis” means having ketones in your blood, then of course ketone supplements get you into ketosis. But that is different from being in an endogenous ketogenic, fat-burning state as a result of following a ketogenic diet. Getting this distinction right will go a long way towards stopping ketone salts companies from using misleading marketing about the issue. We need to reach a consensus about what being “in ketosis” means and then force companies to use that definition.”


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