How I Lose My Weight 58 lbs in just 4 months

When I uploaded two different pictures of mine, one of before my weight loss and one after losing my weight, I have been asked many questions in comments. Some questions are common from all viewers i.e. How I lose my weight 58 lbs in just 4 months? 

Before Keto Starting
Before Keto Starting

When I uploaded two different pictures of mine, one of before my weight loss and one after losing my weight, I have been asked many questions in comments. Some questions are common from all viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How I lose my weight 58 lbs in just 4 months?
  2. What was your food plan that helps you to lose 26 kg in just 120 days?
  3. Did you lose your weight due to regular exercise, without any diet plan?
  4. Did you do it only on the basis of the diet plan recommended by your nutrient?

Almost all questions have the same meanings and all are asking that how I reduce my body weight.

I start from my childhood. I grew up with my father who always physically abused me. However I entered into a teenager, his physical abuse converted into verbal abuse only. However there was no alternative source of residence to me, therefore I’ve to tolerate it.

My Earlier Life

Whenever I requested my father to bring some chocolates or ice-cream for me, he replied “if you eat seconds, you are going to be fatter than you already are”. I have no words to describe what I face during this period of my life. Other children were playing in-ground, parks, visiting markets and going here and there. But I remained busy in cooking, busy in making different foods for guests of my father, busy in cleanness of homes and other homework.

When I turned to 14, I bought a new dress for me. When my father saw the dress, he replied with words “that dress makes you look like you’re pregnant”. What was my feeling at that time, I couldn’t mention here? However it also ad admitted fact that I’d ever used high-carb foods like pasta, rice and potatoes. And high-carb foods are the major source to increase in your body weight.

When I entered into 15, my elder sister was already using weight watcher, she provided me copies of her recipes. When I followed the diet as my sister instructed me, I lost 65 pounds in that year. I did an exercise on a regular basis in the early morning at 4:00 a.m.

Why I Gained Too Much Weight?

Right after one year when I was 16 years old, I was seriously injured in a car accident. I was hospitalized for one month and then undergone therapy for the next 6 months. During this time, I lose my weight very quickly because all high-carb diets were strictly prohibited by doctors and nutrients. However within 6 months, I recovered and again started high-cholesterol and carbohydrates foods. Resultantly my weight reached at 213 lbs when I entered into 17.

I got married in 18 and when I become 20 years old, I bestowed with two children. My weight was boosted up to an alarming level. Apart from this weight gain, several diseases were started to mine. I became the blood pressure patient, diabetes started, and when I tired only after 2-3 minutes’ walk. This was really a serious situation for me. I was depressed and anxious.

Soon, I visited the hospital and our family doctor put me on medication for anxiety and fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a disorder that happens due to extensive musculoskeletal pain along with other health issues like memory loss, disturbance in sleep, fatigue and mood issues. The nutrient advised me to keep away from all baked or bakery products like biscuits, sweets and all other articles fall in sweet and baked items.

My Story that How I Lose 26 kg Weight in just 120 days

When I visited the hospital for a routine checkup, there I met with my one of the best university friend. We enjoy coffee at café and discussed general issues with each other. He suggested me to use a “Keto diet”. He handed over a book of weight losing Keto recipes.

After 4 months of Keto
After 4 months of Keto

When I reached home, I started to read the book. I visited the market and brought all the grocery items required to prepare Keto recipes. It was hard to believe me that I lose 10 Kg weight in just 45 days after using Keto diet. It is necessary to mention that I left all other diets even a cup of tea, and got only Keto diets that were mentioned in that book. No exercise, no lose weight pills, no supplements. It became possible only consecutive use of the Keto diet. Some notable Keto diet recipes are as following.

  1. Sugar-Free Keto Teriyaki Sauce
  2. Homemade Keto Cheese Sauce
  3. Keto-Friendly Root Beer Float

I used the Keto diet consecutively 4 months and avoided all high-carb foods. Keto diet means those foods which are high-in-fat, moderate-in-protein and extremely low-in-carbohydrates. At the end of 4 months, I lose 26 kg weight. Before 4 months, I was 96 kg (211.6 pounds), and after consecutive 4 months of use of the Keto diet, I am 70 kg (155 pounds).

Keto Success Story
Keto Success Story

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