What Happens When You Exercise Every Day

Any physical activity that can put your muscles and bones into work and make you feel fitter; is taken as an exercise. A common question rises in mind that “What Happens When You Exercise Every Day”.

Exercise could be jumping, running, swimming or walking; can be promising towards losing weight by burning enough calories. Its benefits can be felt physically as well as mentally; thereby helping you to live a longer but healthier life. Let’s know the answer of What Happens When You Exercise Every Day. 

Every Day Exercise
Every Day Exercise

Benefits of Every Day Exercise

The incorporation of exercise in daily routine has proven to be very advantageous.  Not only for the healthy people but also for the ones who are compromised in health in one way or the other. Some of the most pronounced benefits of everyday exercise are mentioned in detail below.

Relieves Anxiety and Stabilizes Mood

Exercise helps in getting rid of anxiety and helps in improving your mood. Certain changes are made in parts of the brain are responsible for controlling the feeling of anxiety and happiness; and regulation of stress. Exercise increases the sensitivity of the brain towards norepinephrine and serotonin; which lifts the mood immensely and decreases anxiety. Endorphins also tend to increase following regular exercise. Because these are the hormones responsible for not only decreasing the perception of pain; also helps in developing positive feelings. Improvement in mood is irrespective of the intensity with which the workout is done. Even a short period of exercise is enough to notice the significance of it on the elevation of mood. This shows the effectiveness of exercise in relieving anxiety and depression.

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Helps in Weight Loss

Lack of physical activity is a primary reason for getting obese or gaining weight to be more appropriate. The relation between energy expenditure and exercise is quite important to ponder upon when weight loss is of utmost concern. Body functions (breathing, heartbeat), exercising and digestion of food are the three functions where most of the energy is utilized by the body. Decreasing the intake of calories; i.e. in dieting can slow down the rate of metabolism and end up slowing down the weight loss process. But adding exercise to it; can reverse the metabolic rate to higher helping in burning more calories. This leads  to speed up the process of weight loss. Maintenance of weight is one point that should never be ignored; and can be done easily by incorporating aerobic exercises together with resistance training in a regular exercise routine.

Builds and Maintains Muscles and Bones

The strength of the muscles and bones is hugely impacted by the routine having exercise as a vital part. Intake of protein paired with weight lifting can initiate the muscle-building process. If done regularly and adequately. This is because physical activity like exercise can help in the release of such hormones which increase the amino acid absorption by the muscles; thereby building the muscle mass and decreasing its break down. What happens when you exercise every day. Loss of muscle mass along with its function is a normal part of the aging process; but regular physical activity can help stop this process and provide strength to cope up with it.

Exercise helps in reducing or preventing the risk of development of osteoporosis in the elderly; and building up bone density. Odd-impact sports (basketball, soccer) and high-impact exercises (gymnastics; running) tend to increase bone density more than that are seen by doing non-impact sports (cycling, swimming).

Improves Skin Health

Skin damages are mainly the outcomes of the oxidative stress present inside your body. Oxidative stress occurs when the antioxidant defense system fails to neutralize the free radicals; present in the body ending in the damage of the normal cells. Exercise if done intensely and be exhaustive can become a reason in adding up to oxidative stress in the body. But regular exercise routine can help in getting free radicals out of the body. Similarly, improvement in the blood flow by exercise makes your skin adapt to the changes easily. And can also delay the signs of aging like the appearance of wrinkles.

Helps You Relax and Improves Sleep Quality

Exercise stimulates better sleep and keeps you relaxed. The increased body temperature during exercise allows for the sound sleep post-workout which helps in the temperature to the dropdown. Incorporation of moderately vigorous exercise of a total of 150 minutes per week has proven to improve the quality of sleep by 65% approximately. Regular workout of 16 weeks causes an improvement in the quality of sleep and this made 17 people with insomnia to go through much longer and deeper sleep than before.

Elderly people are at a higher risk of getting affected by a sleep disorder, thereby making exercise an essential part of their everyday life. Aerobic exercise if done alone or done along with resistance training have an equal effect on the quality of sleep but these options are to be looked upon considering the body type.

Reduces Pain

Chronic pain if left untreated can have devastating effects on your body. Previously, rest and inactivity were the only solutions after medicine to get rid of chronic pain, but modern studies have proven to be exercise the way out of this enervating problem. Exercise not only helps in alleviating pain but also improving the overall quality of life of a person who was in chronic pain for quite long.

Pain that takes place due to certain illnesses like fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and soft tissue shoulder disorder can also be alleviated by certain exercises. Enhanced pain tolerance and a decrease in the perception of pain are the other two reasons making exercise to stand out among other therapies to control pain.

Improves Sex Drive

Exercise can lead to an immense improvement in the sex drive. Strengthened cardiovascular system, improved circulation of blood, enhanced flexibility and toned up muscles after exercise can improve overall sexual health. Exercise has proven to amend sexual performance and pleasure along with increasing the sexual activity frequency. A six-minute walk within the house by men if done daily has shown to reduce erectile dysfunction by approximately 71%.

Women aged 40 or above after strenuous exercise experienced more orgasms than they would have otherwise experienced without exercise. What happens when you exercise every day. According to a study conducted on 178 men, the more those men exercised the more sexual activity they reported for that week. Take-Away: What is Keto Diet and How Does it Works?

Which One is Better: Exercise for 1 Hour or Exercise for 30 Minutes?

Research conducted by the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, stated that people who exercised for thirty minutes regularly lost more weight as compared to the ones who exercised for one hour.

The reason behind being the ease for doing a thirty-minute exercise than for one hour, that is thirty-minute workout is more doable than any other workout requiring more time to experience the outcome. Secondly, people who exercised for one hour tend to eat more after exercise thereby reducing the effectiveness of the workout regimen. This study was published in the American Journal of Physiology in 2012.

Exercise and the Goal Behind it
Exercise and the Goal Behind it

Exercise and the Goal Behind it: When to Expect the Results?

The reason behind getting to workout varies from person to person and so does their goals. Some may require more time in achieving the goals but for some, this might not be quite a task. Changes in the physical appearance begin to appear in the first few weeks after making at least 30 minutes of exercise regular part of the routine. These changes progress as time progresses.

Exercising Every Day

Incorporating a 30-minute workout every day in your life can prove out to be highly beneficial in your favor. Two weeks are enough to observe the results of this regular workout in terms of finding ease in completing a task and remaining energized throughout the day irrespective of the daily chores.

Defining the Goals

The goals could be weight loss, body toning, gaining muscle mass, give you a healthier lifestyle and increasing endurance by following regular exercise. After setting a goal, be realistic in setting the time frame that would be required in achieving the desired goals. If you want to make yourself active, then a workout of 30 minutes would be enough to serve the purpose. 

Calculating Calorie Needs Per Day:

Counting your calorie intake is one step that can stop you from overeating or drag you towards a healthy lifestyle. What Happens When You Exercise Every Day. If you work out for 30 minutes every day; and you are very active; this means multiplying your BMI by 1.725 will give you your calorie intake. Now if you are looking for weight loss; then it is necessary to reduce your calorie intake from; that calorie borderline limit you got by the formula. Reducing your calories around 500-1000 every day either by diet or exercise can make you lose around 1-2 pounds nearly in a week.

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Building Muscles and Working Out:

If you want to tone up your body and add muscles to it; then the time required for this would differ according to gender; and the intensity you can put in your training. Training time could be 5-6 days but a separate day for every area where muscle mass needs to be added; like in arms, backs or legs followed by a rest period of at least 48-72 hours to allow muscle growth. Some people get training for the whole body at the same time by working out for 3-4 days; with a gap of a day at least in between.

  • Considering Muscle-Training Strategies:
  1. Muscle grows much stronger and bigger; when metabolic overload along with mechanical overload can take place; that can bring about muscle tears. These muscle tears upon can make the muscles grow and become stronger. And then doing 4-5 sets of each exercise. Then increase the intensity of the exercise with time but don’t forget to add minor breaks to the sets.
  2. Tearing down the muscles to a point to initiate muscle growth can also put you at risk of injuring yourself. If you experience back pain while training or feel pain in the joints; step back to the lighter weight as you progress in training. Secondly, getting enough sleep is a prerequisite in helping the muscles to grow. So intense the training more sleep you shall be requiring for the body to be ready for the next session.

This whole article was answer of “What Happens When You Exercise Every Day”.

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